We can Shape our Thoughts for a Healthy Mindset

Shape our Thoughts for a Healthy Mindset

Useful tools to adopt during these unusual times in 2020

What are the words bouncing around our heads the last 7 months?

As we read countless articles and feel the impact of Covid-19 in our own unique ways, how are fears, stresses, and responsibilities playing up in our brains?

Shape our Mind

Who’s driving the bus? 

As someone who thrives with human contact – my biggest loss during Covid-19 is without a doubt the ability to meet with people in the flesh.

For me Zoom doesn’t cut it; it certainly works for delivering workshops and coaching my clients who are scattered around the world.

But I’ve always loved sitting across from people when we talk – my students, the entrepreneurs I mentor, business colleagues;

I place a high value on looking into people’s faces and showing up fully for that time we set aside to meet and talk.

With all the discussion around a ‘new normal’ will I ever get used to this virtual way of doing business and socializing? 

I’ve adapted however, I know that the need to connect with others remain a vital part of my week. 

Don’t underestimate the fact that we all require human touch.


As we all continue to stay safe and meet each other through screens, my top tips for resetting your mindset until we can get back to a little more human contact and normality:

Firstly, being vulnerable and showing that you require support (no matter what you do) is liberating.

Directors, managers, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, whatever your role – admission of this does not constitute failure!

We aren’t going to lose the respect of others if we show that we could use some added support during these unusual times. Consider connection one of the primary ways to charge our own batteries. 

Take some time each day to look at what you can make a difference in, and where it’s just not possible – don’t sweat it.

Our work conditions have changed and we have to adapt accordingly.

  • Does your team require you to be even more supportive of them personally?
  • You bet! Do you require a little more from your employer, or your partner?

In every sense of the word we should shift gears and step forward to show compassion, empathy and greater understanding for each other.

Whether you’re the boss or not, take this onboard and adjust your expectations of yourself and of others accordingly.

Find happiness in small wins

Did you make it to that webinar?

Was this morning’s meeting a success – did everyone show up?

Were you able to balance important one-on-ones with people who needed your attention and input?

Did you make time for a phone call with a friend, and did you give your loved one a longer hug than usual? 

If you didn’t freak out on the road by someone signaling at the last moment to make that turn and it didn’t cloud your mood for the next hour, that’s a great achievement.

Celebrate those things that we take for granted; the little things that help us to realize we are fortunate in many ways.

Shape our minds

Turn the time gained from not commuting to the office or meetings into something worthwhile for you. 

Be selfish about it – whatever you choose – make it count for you.

Listen to that audio book or podcast; go for a run; grab the ingredients to try that recipe you’ve been curious about.

Don’t just exchange that valuable time for something mundane and a “replacement”. 

Make it count!

This is a great time to do a bit of visualization and change the things that ‘keep’ you busy.

Take a true meta-view of your days, your weeks, your personal time, and your work.

What packs your day and how do you end each week?

A visualization exercise that works well is to climb up high into a very tall tree – way up there.

Sit on the highest branch and look down (if you’re not looking down you’re not high enough) at all the things that fill your life, the things that ‘keep you busy’.

Now draw a big circle around all of it, then move those things around like you would a puzzle – move the pieces to prioritize and to reduce the amount of space each of them take up in that circle.

And while you’re up in that tree, be brave enough to decide if that piece should be removed from the circle altogether!