How to Stop Kicking Yourself for Failing

Stop Kicking Yourself for Failing and Use It to Succeed

Failure is a natural part of life. We all fail at various things throughout the course of our lives, but what matters is how we handle these failures. 

We can either wallow in our defeat and failure, beating ourselves up for the mistakes we’ve made and the fact that we’ve failed, or we can take that failure and use it as a learning experience to drive our success. 

If you’re the type to wallow, it’s by far time to stop kicking yourself and use that failure and experience to lead you down your path to success.

You Won’t Get Far Wallowing in Your Failures

Many people opt to just pout, sulk, and wallow in their failures.

They abandon any hopes of the initial goal and don’t try again. These people often tend to live in the past, allowing their failure to keep them from trying things in the future.

If you focus on your failure, you’ll be too scared to ever do anything. Y

ou won’t challenge yourself.

You may even become complacent, settling for good enough or just not furthering yourself or your careers. 

When you wallow in your failures, you often get yourself stuck in a rut, not growing as a person.

You stifle yourself.

This can lead to increased stress, depression, and even cause you to develop substance abuse problems. 

Though Difficult, Learning from Your Failures is the Only Way to Grow from Them

Learning from your failures is one of the hardest things to do.

It’s far easier to either just repress them and try to move on or wallow.

However, learning from your failures is the only way you can grow from them and truly move past them.

To start learning from your failures, analyze the failure:

what went wrong and where? How can you improve it?

Once you know how to fix what went wrong in your failure, you’re more prepared to take on the challenge again. 

Next, you should construct a plan for how to move forward.

Be sure you note why you failed the first time and use it to drive the construction of this process.

The only way to not be guaranteed to fail again is to avoid what went wrong entirely.

Let Them Go, but Don’t Forget Them

It’s crucial that you don’t forget your failures.

The only way to ensure that you continue to improve and avoid failing again is to remember what you did wrong and how you failed previously.

While remembering your failures is important, you also can’t dwell on them.

You have to reach the delegate balance of forgiving but not forgetting.

Dwelling on your failures leads to wallowing in them and all the things we discussed earlier in this article.

Source Todd Polke

Let your failures go

Don’t them consume you and cause you to be stuck in only them. 

We all fail in a lot of ways in our everyday lives, but the key to moving on healthily from them is to use them to power your success going forward.

Learn from your mistakes and failures, rather than wallowing in them, and avoid failing in the same way in the future.

If you stifle your failures or wallow in them, you can wind up failing again and again in the exact same way, because you never determined how or why you failed in the first place.

This can lead you to become stuck in a rut, keep you from taking on new challenges or opportunities, and cause depression. 

Don’t let your failures keep you from living your life in the present and succeeding.

Don’t beat yourself up over them; learn from them and use them to drive your success in the future.