How Failure is Personal Growth

Why Failure is Personal Growths Best Friend

No one likes to fail.

Typically, we are not excited to share with our friends and family all the various ways we have failed in the past.

In fact, when we discuss failure, it is typically in a negative manner or a disapproving way. 

But what if failure was actually a positive experience? 

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What if failure was a means or avenue to something bigger and greater? 

What if failure was an essential ingredient in personal growth? 

Would you be hesitant to share your failures then?

Why The Status Quo Is Not OK

Growth is indicative of life and health. Think of a common house plant.

As the plant produces more stems or shoots, develops deeper roots, and produces larger flowers and leaves, you know that the plant is thriving. 

These signs indicate the health and wellness of the plant and lack of these signs can be cause for concern.

This same idea can also be true for your personal growth. 

Personal growth can indicate something about ourselves. It can indicate either health and wellness or illness and death. 

Personal growth keeps you moving forward, it keeps you alive, it keeps you healthy. 

As American writer William S. Burroughs said, “When you stop growing you start dying.”  

But how do you continue to grow? There are many ways that you can grow as individuals, but one significant means of person growth is failure. 

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Failure is actually not the enemy, but an ally to person growth.

That may seem contradictory at first, but here is why this is true.

There Are Some Lessons In Life Only Failure Can Teach

Sometimes there is only one way a activity can be accomplished.

For instance; metal can only be manipulated when it has been heated in fire.

Once the metals temperature has been raised to the proper level, then it can be shaped and modeled into the desired object.

This shaping process cannot be done apart from the with fire. 

Likewise, there are some lessons in life that you are unable to learn without failure.

Without the bitterness of failure, you won’t understand the sweetness of success. 

Without failure, the lessons of perseverance, dedication, and persistence are unable to be learned. 

You need failure to teach you the lessons that only failure can.

Personal growth cannot occur unless you are learning from its full panel of teachers.

Failure Indicates Areas That Need Growth

Failure is like a spotlight that shines its beams into the areas of your life that need the most growth. 

Failure is an indicator and diagnostic tool showing you your areas of greatest weakness.

This is not a bad thing, but an invaluable tool. 

Without failure you might be tempted to place all our growth efforts into the same few areas year after year.

This does not lead to healthy personal growth, but pseudo-growth, or fake growth. 

Growth that may look valuable on the outside, but is unproductive on the inside.

Failure allows you to recognize the areas of growth that we need to be working on and not just the areas that we want to grow in.

Failure Is Not The Enemy

If failure is the enemy, it will be a war you are constantly battling, and it will be a permanent thorn in your side.

Yet, if failure is your best friend, it will be a lifelong relationship of learning, growth, and development. 

When it comes to your personal growth, failure needs to be your best friend.

Therefore, the next time you fail, go shake hands with it. See what it was to teach and show you. You might be surprised what you learn.